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Full Stack Developer && Coffee Enthusiast

I'm Chase, a Full Stack Developer with expertise in React, React Native, JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Java, and SQL, among other technologies. In my current role at Salesforce, I utilize proprietary and industry-specific products like Flow Builder, OmniStudio, and Lightning Web Components to create individualized solutions for businesses across a variety of industries

Before I ventured into the tech industry, I spent a few years as a band teacher, honing my skills in personnel management, training, education, and communication. In 2020, I completed a bootcamp and have been dedicated to expanding my technical skills and knowledge of web development since then.

I am passionate about using technology to help businesses achieve their goals, and I am always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow in the tech industry. If you're interested in collaborating or connecting, please feel free to reach out to me.

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  • (Resume accessible via LinkedIn)

    About Me

    Full Stack Developer | Coffee Enthusiast

    I'm Chase, a Full Stack, 7x certified Salesforce Developer. In my current role at Salesforce, I utilize proprietary products such as OmniStudio, Apex, Lightning Web Components, and other custom components to create individualized scalable, and efficient solutions to businesses of all sizes across many industries.

    While I am currently a developer, I started my professional career as a band teacher. Over the past 8 years of study, I have been learning and putting into practice effective communication, personnel management, training and education, as well as my technical skills. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with me, but over a cup of coffee is even better!


    (Resume accessible via LinkedIn)


    Aliens, Go Home!

    My first venture into JavaScript game development, I followed a tutorial from Auth0 to create this Space Invaders-esque game. Along with Auth0 verification, this application uses React, Redux, and SVG to bring the code to life on the screen.


    Carolina Crown
    Static Layout

    This was an assignment for my Eleven Fifty Web Development course to recreate two view heights of an external website using only HTML & CSS. This site is not responsive.


    D&D Weapon Generator

    This website pulls from 'dnd5eapi.co' to compiile a list of weapons and their stats. When a user interacts with the site, they will be presented with a weapon drawn at random from the API.


    Curiosity Rover Images

    Another site dealing with API data, this pulls images by date and camera from the NASA Curiosity Rover.



    PlantIt! was the first full stack application I ever created, developed with a team of other students. It uses a deployed postgreSQL database and a React.js front end. The application functions as an open source gardening index.



    Social media application to connect non-career musicians so that they can keep playing collaboratively. This project demonstrates understanding of the full stack of web development and features Typescript, JavaScript, React.js, and postgreSQL database with 3 full CRUD tables and database associations.


    The form on the right will send a message directly to my email. My github and linkedin profiles are also available at the bottom of the webpage if you prefer to send a message there. I'm excited to hear from you!